Some Things I’m Loving

No affiliate links here, folks.


This Fear Not T-Shirt:

fear not shirt

I’ve ordered two shirts from this company and they are fantastic!  This design is my new favorite but they have lots of great designs.  Also, they include a personalized card with your order which I think is quite a nice touch.


This wood watch:

wooden watch

I only recently realized that wood watches are a thing but since this discovery, I will admit I’m slightly obsessed.  Unfortunately I wear a Fitbit, but as soon as I figure out how to wear both without looking confused, I will do so.


This Ice Cream Truck Cat Box:


The main reason I made this entire post is to share this amazing creation.  As cat mom to Oliver –


I think this is genius and I can. not. wait. to take pictures of him  watch him play in it.  It’s a box, and he’s a cat so there is no question….total cat mom win.  The fact that it’s fashioned like a cat’s version of an ice cream truck…my own personal win.

Side Note:  I am not a crazy cat lady.  Stop looking at me like that.


These inspirational pencils:


Another something I am loving lately are pencils with a message.  In all honesty, my favorite messages are those that include profanity, but these are also fantastic in a completely different way.  Bonus….only $10!


And below are some Pinterest finds that I am loving.  Links to all of them can be found on my account (click here).

matt baker

michael faudet

life goals

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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