With Age Comes…. Doctors

I’ve hit that in-between age now where in certain conversations people may look at me and say, “Oh, you’re still young!” at which I smile brightly and love them unconditionally for saying so.  This is the case unless, apparently, I’m talking about health issues where I’ve found the response takes a sharp turn into, “You know you’re getting to that age now…” Just a fun, … Continue reading With Age Comes…. Doctors

The Younger, Cooler Me

In light of the plans I have to move out of my house I’ve been doing some de-cluttering lately.  This typically begins with the best of intentions but quickly dissolves into me basically skipping down memory lane for an unnecessary amount of time until I decide that’s enough “work” for the day and move on to something else. (My lack of focus has been mentioned … Continue reading The Younger, Cooler Me

A Big Nudge

I normally keep things pretty light on here, but yesterday morning I had this thought that I wanted to share, that over the course of the day developed into a whole ‘thing’.  I’ll let you know up front this post is about God so if you’re not up for it, bail now.  I hope you’ll stick around though. My relationship with God is something that … Continue reading A Big Nudge

Out and About: Lake Guntersville

I still don’t have a camper.  A few plans have changed though getting one remains on my radar.  In the meantime, this week some friends who do have a camper graciously invited me to spend some time with them at Lake Guntersville State Park.  Of course, I jumped at the offer.  A chance to experience camper living (a 26 foot camper with 3 adults, one 5 year … Continue reading Out and About: Lake Guntersville

Girls Can Love Sports Too

I am so in love with this month.  I can’t stop smiling. November 2017, I love you. I’ve got sunshine, on a cloudy day.  When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May. The cooler temps (the past few days), the fall colors, and of course my Birmingham Bulls back on the ice.  The smell of the ice, the sound of slapshots ringing in … Continue reading Girls Can Love Sports Too