Back on Track

I have been told before that I am a good “idea person” but not such a good “action person”.  It’s not my favorite assessment of all time, but it’s a fair and true statement.  As much as I hate to admit it, I do have a tendency to kind of lose myself at times.  I … More Back on Track

A Big Nudge

I normally keep things pretty light on here, but yesterday morning I had this thought that I wanted to share, that over the course of the day developed into a whole ‘thing’.  I’ll let you know up front this post is about God so if you’re not up for it, bail now.  I hope you’ll … More A Big Nudge

The Avett Brothers

Some of my friends were on this bandwagon way before I was, truth be told.  I remember several years ago them loaning out their Avett Brothers cds because when you find something amazing, you want everyone to know about it.  I think, at the time, I listened to one or two songs and while I … More The Avett Brothers

First Camper Tour

Over the weekend I took a little trip to Albertville, Alabama to look at a camper I’d seen online.  Not every day is a good day.  And while this wasn’t necessarily a bad day , it wasn’t the best. First off I was kind of sad because I was going alone.  Most days I’m all #girlpower … More First Camper Tour