Doing Something Different

Photo Credit: Tim Gouw

For a few years now I’ve been interested in the world of travel trailers and 5th wheels.  I first noticed this new trend of restoring vintage campers and of course fell in love with the idea.  My heart lives for travel, so this interest naturally evolved into an interest in purchasing my own camper in order to make travel cheaper, which means I get to do more of it.  And then I came upon the world of full-time RV living.

Be still my little gypsy heart.

I’ve been thinking and talking and figuring and planning and wishing about this ever since I learned it was something people did.  Not gonna lie, upon hearing my thoughts the naysayers came out strong.  There are people I’ve told about it who think I’ve lost every ounce of sanity I ever possessed.  (These were usually older men who helpfully pointed out I’m a single woman.)  There are also people who understand my desire but think I will hate it.  (Mostly all of my non-outdoorsy, non-camping friends.)

I’m hoping to prove them all wrong.

The main speed bump was that I had to figure out what to do about my house that needs a good deal of repair.  And that whole little issue of how to make money.

Well, the second issue I haven’t quite figured out yet but I did finally make a decision about my house that makes me happy, gives me peace, and truthfully, I think it’s a pretty solid plan!


I recently applied for a loan to get the repairs done on my house.  This, by the way, is an extremely intimidating process to me!  You’re begging someone with the power to essentially make or break your entire plan.  They are all that stands between you and the path to better yourself.  I was so nervous!

First of all I don’t know much of anything about loans and the guidelines used.  Therefore, this whole thing ended up being somewhat different than the scenario I’d created in my mind.  However, I did get approved and after pictures are taken of my house next week, this whole process will really begin.

There are probably 100 different ways to get where I’m heading.  For those of you who are interested, here’s my plan.  I will soon be purchasing a used camper.  I will live in this camper beside my house while the repairs are being done.  During this time I will start looking for other places to move my camper.  Then when the repairs are finished I will put my house up for rent and relocate the camper.

Renting my house will cover my mortgage and loan, plus hopefully give a little extra I can bank for repairs when the renters move out.  This will free up the money I normally put towards my mortgage for me to save as well.


Since my loan approval the internet searches have been endless.  I want to make an educated decision.  I’m wanting something small that can be easily towed with a 1/2 ton truck.

(Has anyone priced used 3/4 ton trucks recently????  *GASP!!!*)

I am looking for a travel trailer (pull behind) in the 20 – 25′ range or a 5th wheel in the 25 – 30′ range.  I know my small budget, and I’ve done some searching online and was surprisingly fortunate enough to find 18 different options in my 250 mile radius!

Here’s the fun part.  I know absolutely nothing about campers.  Zilch.  Nada.  Not how to hook it up, not how to turn things on, and I’ve never towed anything in my life.  So the next few months should be quite interesting and I can’t wait to get this new adventure started!!


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