This Is My Week

I went on a trip to the beach last week and got lots of really great pictures so instead of the usual collage, I’m going to share the best of the best with you.


I left at 6 AM and decided I wanted to take my time and enjoy the day and the ride.  It was still mostly dark outside when I left.  I opened the sunroof and headed out down Highway 69.


Around the Greensboro area there are lots of beautiful pastures and cows.  It was a gorgeous drive with the sun rising as the backdrop.


I guess these are egrets.  Whatever they are, they’re beautiful and elegant looking.  They gathered around all the catfish ponds.


My favorite kinds of trips are the ones I am able to take my time and just enjoy beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery.


This was the next morning as the sun rose on the beach.


Normally when I go to the beach I will pick one thing that I take 2 million pictures of.  This trip it was the egrets. Standing, hunting, fishing, walking….I got them all.


One day I took a trip to The Yard, which was ah-maz-zing.  Rich and yummy, and everything you should not be eating on a daily basis.  But vacation.


My favorite time at the beach is early in the morning before the sun really gets started, when only one or two early risers are out.  I should probably straighten this picture up but I kind of like the angle just as it is.


Such a lovely week.  I’ll be honest with you, I was really ready to be off for a week and think about work as little as possible.  It was a wonderful break.

Hope you’re having a great week!

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