The Avett Brothers

Some of my friends were on this bandwagon way before I was, truth be told.  I remember several years ago them loaning out their Avett Brothers cds because when you find something amazing, you want everyone to know about it.  I think, at the time, I listened to one or two songs and while I liked their sound, thought, ‘Yeah, they’re good’ and then moved … Continue reading The Avett Brothers

Birmingham Hockey Is Back!

For someone who loves hockey and has lived in a practically hockey-less state without a home team for 16 years this is about the lovliest sight they could dream up. The Birmingham Bulls are finally back!! The new ice/arena isn’t quite ready yet so we (not me) played on the practice rink.  It wasn’t perfect – pucks hit the rafters several times – but it was … Continue reading Birmingham Hockey Is Back!

First Camper Tour

Over the weekend I took a little trip to Albertville, Alabama to look at a camper I’d seen online.  Not every day is a good day.  And while this wasn’t necessarily a bad day , it wasn’t the best. First off I was kind of sad because I was going alone.  Most days I’m all #girlpower and fine with being introverted and private and single and … Continue reading First Camper Tour

Home Appraisals and Hockey

This week began with phone calls from the person who did my first house appraisal telling me she needed to come by again because there were pictures she missed.  Ummm. I contacted my bank instead of the appraiser to find out what monkey business was happening now – one month, two appraisals, and 563 signatures after my original meeting. Turns out the second appraisal was … Continue reading Home Appraisals and Hockey

Almost, Not Quite, Nearly, Possibly Close to the End

You remember how last week I said everything was done on my end in the process to get this loan?  Yeah.  That was so cute of me. Because no. So after the “last” step of the 94 step process they have added three more.  Over the weekend there was one more form to sign.  Ok, done. Then they needed an updated balance report on another … Continue reading Almost, Not Quite, Nearly, Possibly Close to the End