Out and About: Lake Guntersville

I still don’t have a camper.  A few plans have changed though getting one remains on my radar.  In the meantime, this week some friends who do have a camper graciously invited me to spend some time with them at Lake Guntersville State Park.  Of course, I jumped at the offer.  A chance to experience camper living (a 26 foot camper with 3 adults, one 5 year … Continue reading Out and About: Lake Guntersville

How to Rock the Beach Like a Pro

I, personally, never imagined there could be a right and a wrong way to hit the beach.  The sun, sand, and water is already there.  I just need to add me, right?!?  Then I went with a friend of mine and discovered exactly how mistaken I’d been.  Mind blown!  My friend is an absolute rockstar at all things beach related, and I’m no dummy so I … Continue reading How to Rock the Beach Like a Pro

This is My Week

~ Left side ~ As you can probably tell, this week had a lot to do with sand, sun, friends, and fun!!  7 Ladies, 3 Nights at the beach.  When we first arrived it was overcast, raining off and on, with a forecast predicting rain every day.  Of course, the weather at the beach always predicts rain.  Fortunately for us it ended up being an … Continue reading This is My Week

5 Perks of Traveling Solo

Typically when I tell someone about a trip I recently went on by myself, I get this kind of surprised reaction that’s somewhere between concern and admiration.  Most will ask a few questions and, more times than not, make a comment about how they couldn’t do anything like that or they wish they could be so brave. I will admit….when I first started traveling by … Continue reading 5 Perks of Traveling Solo

Solo Travel for the Single Girl

I’m one of those people born with a wandering spirit.  I often find myself glancing longingly at the interstate ramp when I’ve been homebound too long.  I love the ‘wind in my hair’ feeling of getting out on the road and seeing places I’ve never seen before. For years I waited until I had someone to go with me, hesitant to travel alone.  Then I … Continue reading Solo Travel for the Single Girl

Out and About : Boston

My birthday this year fell on a Friday.  My 39th birthday….one year before I enter an entirely new decade….the fifth decade of my life.  I’m getting a little panic-y just thinking about it, which is exactly what I was doing the Monday before my birthday sitting behind my desk at work. Since I was failing miserably at accomplishing anything productive, I gave up trying and started … Continue reading Out and About : Boston