The Younger, Cooler Me

In light of the plans I have to move out of my house I’ve been doing some de-cluttering lately.  This typically begins with the best of intentions but quickly dissolves into me basically skipping down memory lane for an unnecessary amount of time until I decide that’s enough “work” for the day and move on to something else. (My lack of focus has been mentioned … Continue reading The Younger, Cooler Me

This is My Week

~ Left side ~ As you can probably tell, this week had a lot to do with sand, sun, friends, and fun!!  7 Ladies, 3 Nights at the beach.  When we first arrived it was overcast, raining off and on, with a forecast predicting rain every day.  Of course, the weather at the beach always predicts rain.  Fortunately for us it ended up being an … Continue reading This is My Week