Tuesday Treat Day – Girl Power!

I was browsing around on Amazon this weekend, as I sometimes do, and came across a shopping list someone posted that inspired me.  Because yeah, we women rock!!

Links from Amazon.com are affiliate links.  There is no extra charge for you, but I will make a small amount if you purchase from my link.


Throwing back to the original girl squad –

It doesn’t get better than Rose, Blanche, Sophia, & Dorothy.  This style is $25.  They have other options that are super cute also.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.


Fighting for Equality –


I’ve read this one and it is a fantastic, eye-opening account of a young girl’s fight for the education of women in her country.  Truly a book I think everyone should read.

Only $10 on Kindle.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above. (Kindle edition linked)


For Inspiration –

I’m a huge fan of quotes.  I pin them, I buy coffee mugs with them, I wear t-shirts with them.  I think it began with my love of words/reading/writing, but I have always collected quotes.  So of course I include a book of inspirational quotes by and for women in this list.

Only available in hard cover, costs $12.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.


To remind you, ‘We Can Do It’ –


Y’all.  This is the cutest thing!!  Just because.  We Can Do It!

Just under $12.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.


Fight Like a Girl –

Keep your feet warm while reminding yourself that women are bada**.  These are ankle socks, which are totally my thing lately.

Only $11.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.


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