Out and About: Lobster Shack and Sea Glass in Maine

Our final day in Maine we decided to head back towards Portland for the day, specifically to a restaurant in Cape Elizabeth called The Lobster Shack.

This was my second favorite unexpected find of the trip.  First off, for the wonderful fresh lobster roll…


The Lobster Shack is a small building with a few tables inside.  However, they have a lovely area just outside the front door right on the water.



This sketchy seagull behind me was casing the joint and in fact, his patience was rewarded not much later when he made off with several fries from a trusting patron who stepped away from her plate for just a second!


So, I was on a mission this entire trip (9 whole days!) to find sea glass and by day 9 I thought I was out of luck.  So we’re out at the Lobster Shack and I decide to explore the surrounding area which had these really cool rocks that looked much like a forest had washed up millions of years ago and petrified right there!



As I explored I saw this cool cave-ish area and decided I’d like to get a closer look at it.  To do that I had to walk down to a tiny little beach area that looked kind of sad and unloved.


As I approached the cave there was a couple roaming around who I couldn’t help but overhear as the woman described how she used to find loads of sea glass on this beach as a child.

And so the search was on.  Two hours later…..

This is me, grown adult woman, crawling on my hands and knees amongst the rocks on this tiny little beach area, in search of sea glass treasure.  Unabashedly obsessed.


After at least three hours of searching….my spoils.  Those spiral shells were everywhere on that beach.  A little heart-shaped rock, a big hunk of quartz I found crawling in the rocks, my tiny sea glass scraps, old washed-up nails, and those flat stones were also everywhere.


You might scoff at my tiny sea glass, but I wouldn’t have been happier if I’d found gold coins!  (Ok….maybe slightly happier about the gold….)

After scouring the beach we went into Portland proper for one final excursion on a sunset boat cruise!


It was, of course, pretty cool that day.  I hung in there pretty good until the sun went down, which is exactly when I went down into the common area to hide from the wind!


This tour went to each of the islands and docked for a short time allowing people to get on and off as well as make deliveries.


If you see in the biggest picture above, there’s one house on an island all to itself.  It reminded me of one of my favorite memes:

house alone

The sunset cruise rounded out the final day of an absolutely fantastic vacation.  One of my favorites!  If ever you have the opportunity, you should visit Maine.



2 thoughts on “Out and About: Lobster Shack and Sea Glass in Maine

  1. I live in Gray, about 16 miles north of Portland. During the summer, we never miss an opportunity to make a few stops at the Lobster Shack. Had a friend from Kentucky come in on a cruise ship this year and that’s where we went for lunch. Says he would come back just to go there. Maine is an amazing place to visit or live.

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    1. I enjoyed being there so much!! I often sit and think about the things I loved so much about Maine and what a fantastic time I had. Granted, I was there after winter and I’m not sure how I would begin to deal with that being from Alabama where the rumor of snow/ice shuts us down, but I sure wouldn’t mind giving it a try!! The Lobster Shack was outstanding! I loved everything about it, including the massive seagull stalking my plate!!


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