Tuesday Treat Day – For the Beach Goers

We all need to treat ourselves on occasion, don’t we?  Hygge and all.  The world is a tough place!  You have to be ready to take it on!

These are things I find or use through the week that I love.  It could be something I’m using that’s working really well, something that makes my life easier, or just something cute!  I try to mix it up as much as possible.

Most shopping related things are on Amazon, but not always.  I also share Etsy and other random sites.  Whatever I find interesting that week.

Links are provided for all the items listed.  Amazon products are affiliate links so if you make a purchase, I will get a small percentage.


Summer, Summer, Summer Time!  Summer Time!          ~ Will Smith

It’s hot outside and it seems like everybody except me is heading to the coast for some heat relief.  Though I have no plans at the moment, I’ve had my fair share of beach trips and these are a few things I always make sure to take with me.

For literally everyone who is headed to a beach or pool:

rainleaf antibac towel

To dry yourself off or, for those who stay out of the water, to use as an impromptu blanket or seat.  This doesn’t have the fancy design of regular beach towels, but what it lacks in visual it completely makes up for in weight and convenience!

This particular one is 30 x 60 and costs $16.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.


You gotta have the tunes….

jbl bluetooth speaker

This is a tiny speaker, but it packs a big punch!  I had one with me on my last beach trip and clipped it to my umbrella for the day.  It was the first time I’d had one of these and I loved it!  I could play any song or channel I chose from my phone!

Perfect for any activity near the water and also includes a fancy bluetooth feature.

This particular speaker is $40.  There are cheaper options, but I know JBL has a quality product.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.


When you need a break….

beach chair

Personally, I would not walk down to the beach without one of these.  These are far more comfortable than the wooden ones you rent, in my opinion.

This is the exact chair I have.  It’s light weight, very comfortable, and the pouch on the side holds a can drink and your phone!

Just under $60.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.


When the sun is too much….

beach umbrella

There are people who go to the beach and enjoy sitting in the sun for days without shade.  I am not one of those people.  Therefore, an umbrella is a must for me!

Just under $30.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.


When you need to quench your thirst….

coleman cooler

I’m a person who goes down to the beach once a day, and I stay all day.  With that in mind, another must for me is a cooler.  I pack water/drinks/alcohol, snacks, maybe a sandwich and chips for lunch, fruit….whatever I think I might need.  I also prefer the flat top coolers as they can double duty as a table top if you need one!

Just under $20.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.


If you are heading to the beach soon, be safe and have a great time!!  It’s one of my happy places.


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