Tuesday Treat Day

Rough Monday?  Me too.  We all need to treat ourselves on occasion, don’t we?  Hygge and all.  The world is a tough place!  You have to be ready to take it on!

These are things I find or use through the week that I love.  It could be something I’m using that’s working really well, something that makes my life easier, or just something cute!  I try to mix it up as much as possible.

Most shopping related things are on Amazon, but not always.  I also share Etsy and other random sites.  Whatever I find interesting that week.

Links are provided for all the items listed.  Amazon products are affiliate links so if you make a purchase, I will get a small percentage.

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I’ve ordered this little gem and it should be arriving tomorrow!

With the recent change in my living situation, I’ve been having a tough time finding a comfortable spot to do computer work and limited space to do it on.  This way hurts my neck, that way doesn’t have space for a mouse, over there isn’t private enough, in there it’s too noisy.

I wanted to get something I could use in my room where I don’t have space to add a traditional desk and chair.  That’s when I came upon this nifty little thing!  It looks like a tiny suitcase when stored.  Plus, I’m loving the little drink and cell phone holder accessories!  Priorities, amIright?

I mean, for $30 you really can’t get better than this.  It’s perfect!  Can’t wait to bust this bad boy out tomorrow.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.

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Wrap bracelets are my jam!


I don’t know what it is about wrap bracelets, but I love them so.  This shop has a lot of wrap bracelet options, but also super cute boho bags and other jewelry.  Excellent prices too!  This bracelet is $22.

Sold by SmiLeStyles on Etsy.  Get this specific item >>here<< or click the product image.

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These cord organizers are the cutest!

cord organizer

There is a child who lives inside me who squeals happily at any cutsey little item like these cord organizers.  They’re dogs!!  But also organizers!!

This shop sells other leather goods as well.  Earrings and other cable organizers in different styles – cats, hedgehogs…etc.  These particular ones are less than $8 each.

Sold by jewelryleather on Etsy.  Get this specific item >>here<< or click the product image.

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It you like your house to smell good, you will like this.


This is a diffuser, made popular most recently by the popularity of essential oils.  I love this thing so much and use it almost daily.  I own the largest size.  I didn’t know at the time, but they also make a smaller one.

I will add the water to the basin, drop some oils in with it, set it and forget it.  I normally don’t use the light, and set the diffuser to go until the water runs out (it will cut itself off).  I’ve had it about 8 months now and it works beautifully.

Get it >>here<< or click the product link above.

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What will my day be like?  This afternoon I have a bridal shower to attend.  (Not my own.)  This is for the son of an old friend of mine, who was about 4 when we first became friends so….yeah.  I’m that old.

*deep breathing in a paper bag*


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