Tuesday Treat Day

We all need to treat ourselves on occasion, don’t we?  Hygge and all.  The world is a tough place.  Let’s do what we can to make ourselves happy so we can do what we can to make others happy.  Spread the love!

So these are things I find or use (anything shopping related is mostly done on Amazon) through the week that I love and I’m sharing my treats with you.  This will include anything from beauty products I use to random things I find online.  I try to mix it up as much as possible.  Hopefully you see some things you like too!

Links are provided.  These are affiliate links so if you make a purchase, I will get a small percentage and I will love you for it, but I will never lead you wrong for it…on purpose.

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This stuff…is my new best friend.

witch hazel

I’m not going to say I’ve officially found the Fountain of Youth, but seriously someone might want to look into this.  I’ve been using this for two or three weeks now.  In that time I’ve been told by one person I was “glowing”, and by another that my face looked slimmer (despite discovering I gained 3 pounds recently….. *super sad face*).

I’m not even going to try to convince you.  Just check this out.


These photos are untouched.  The lighting is different, obviously, but I tried to make the smile the same.  On the left is a picture I took while in Maine, almost two months ago.  On the right is me, today.  See those huge smile lines on the left?  Gone on the right!  In person the wrinkles haven’t 100% disappeared (for once the camera is a little forgiving to me!), but I can tell a definitive change in my entire face.

I am not kidding.  $10 Benjamin Button stuff, y’all.  WINNING all day.  I put some on a cotton ball and apply it to my entire face after I get out of the shower each morning.  That’s it!

(Is it necessary to put a disclaimer?  These results are my own and may not be consistent for everyone.  We all know this, right?)

I have the rose petal scent (pictured and linked) and it is lovely.  They also have unscented, cucumber, lavender, and original.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.

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I am in love with these products.

ekobo cups

We’ve all heard that cooking/heating/storing foods in plastic is potentially dangerous.  This has developed into a little bit of a thing for me.  For example, I use glass storage products for leftovers and lunches at work.  I don’t use styrofoam plates at all, opting instead for paper.  I recently used almost half a pack of bottled water for plants around my (mom’s) house because they’d sat in my car longer than I liked.

So I just ran across this company and are these not the cutest????  Here’s why I love them.  Ekobo Biobu products are made from bamboo fiber and melamine foodsafe binder.  BPA, PVC, and Phthalates free.  The best part…..dishwasher safe!! (I sound like an infomercial.)

These 15 oz. cups aren’t the only thing they offer.  They have other sized cups (I think these are the biggest).  I’ve checked out their plates and bowls as well.

Get them >>here<< or click the product image above.

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I don’t know what first made me pick up this product, but I’m so glad I did!  I use this on my hair every morning without fail.

coconut oilI’m one of those unfortunate people who have to wash their hair every 24 hours or turn into an oil factory.  It’s like Cinderella in reverse, except there are no fancy shoes and no delightful forest animals helping me clean.  (So really nothing like Cinderella at all.)

My former routine would be shampoo, rinse, then conditioner, rinse.  Even with the conditioner the ends of my hair stayed dry and brittle because I also use a hair dryer and curling iron daily.  Well, no more!  First off, I shampoo my hair just as I did before, but I now get to skip that extra step with the conditioner.  After I dry my hair off with a towel, I put a tiny bit of this on my hands and run my fingers through my hair.

My hair is softer than it’s been in years (excluding that magic thing that happens after a visit to the hair salon) thanks to this oil.  It can’t be beat for $6.

Get it >>here<< or click the product image above.

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I do not have these yet (mainly because I don’t have my own house at the moment), but are they not adorable???

owl bowls

Just looking at them makes me happy!  As soon as I start making some moves and getting situated, I will own these bowls.  $30 seems a bit steep, but they’re stoneware so they should be heavy and durable and last until I get tired of owls.

Get them >>here<< or click the product image above.

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I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday with lots of hygge!  (I feel like I just massacred that word.)  I am scheduled for a long overdue appointment at the hair salon today and I am counting down the hours!  My favorite days are salon and pedi days!  Hygge all day!!


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