In my >>last blog post<< I talked about some of the ways I can be my own worst enemy when it comes to actual progress in….well, pretty much anything.

(**Side Note: I just stopped typing this post at this exact spot because I thought I might need to switch up my blog theme and that was necessary to do immediately.  That would be one. sentence. in.  And I didn’t change one single thing.  See what I mean?!?)

At any rate, I have been working towards making a few changes that will eventually add up to push my life in a better direction.

First off,

I have submitted an application so I can return to school!  More than likely I will be a mostly (if not completely) online student, which will make it much easier to work around my job and random other activities (read: hockey games and girls nights).

I am more excited about this than I expected, but it’s something that’s been building for a while now.  As with most people, money was my first motivating factor.  While I make enough to pay my bills right now, I know I can do better than that.  I have known for a while there weren’t many opportunities I would be interested in for me to advance further in my current company.  Some recent events solidified that fact and while I’d kind of toyed with the idea of school for some time, it became more of a necessity in recent months.

I’d also put off school because I really wasn’t sure where to focus my studies.  I knew I wanted a better job but what field would make me happier?  Several months ago I came across a blog done by a couple who live the full-time RV lifestyle.  They both do contract work in the technology/IT field.  *ding ding*  Hello, Direction!  Work in the computer/IT field will provide a way for me to make money while simultaneously allowing the freedom to travel full- or part-time as I choose.  It’s perfect!

My school application is still in the process of being approved, so I’m waiting patiently (not so patiently) for that before signing up for the actual classes.


Another something going on lately is that I got really frustrated with myself because I change my mind and direction so often.  On any given week –

Monday morning I’m thinking I’ll move into my family basement….

Tuesday morning I’ve decided no, I must have a brand new 2018 camper….

Tuesday afternoon I’m browsing the 3/4 ton trucks online….

Wednesday evening I just give up everything….

Friday I want to completely gut and rebuild an old camper….

Sunday I want to build a house.

This is no exaggeration and happens on a regular basis.  In fact, I probably over-simplified it.  It’s something I mentioned in my last post, created when you take a little bit of all those issues and blend them together into one giant cluster.

I don’t know what bothered me so much this week, but I finally got tired of it and put my foot down (in my mind)!!  Get your stuff together, Crystal!  What is your favorite plan?  Pick it and stick with it!!

I know, I know.  I’m so tough.

When I close my eyes and picture me doing the full-time life, I am in an Airstream.  Airstreams were my first love.  I love the sleek, bullet shaped bodies.  Love the curved look it gives the inside – kind of like a warm, little hug every time you walk in!  And their layouts are some of my favorites.

In fact, it was this renovation picture that first started me along the path of campers and this alternative full-time lifestyle.  Airstream.

The decor is a bit too frilly for my taste, but those letters at the top caught my eye.  Wander!  I want to wander!!

My actual style would be more along the lines of this mixture:

So this week I have a renewed focus.  What I want is an Airstream.  No more new campers or family basements.  Focused.

Even though I knew I wouldn’t be buying one immediately, yesterday I set up a new search on the site where I do all my best travel trailer hunting to only pull the exact campers I was looking for and…..BE STILL MY HEART…..


My general plan may not have been to buy a camper right now, but my plan also didn’t include seeing this gorgeous lady.  Now, those of you who know anything about campers already know, Airstream really like their products.  From brand new to 20+ years old, you’re paying the high price tag, two digits off your left hand, plus free ad space at your first born’s sweet 16 party for pretty much any Airstream on the market.  This whole trend of renovating vintage campers has only ballooned the prices further.  In their defense though, you don’t see many other brands still on the roads at 20+ years.

This pretty little lady is more expensive than I’d like to spend, but it was love at first sight.  In the pictures she is just impeccable.  I can tell everything isn’t original, but that is fine with me.  All in all she’s a beauty to me.  I haven’t been to see her in person yet, but am hoping to do so this week.  If everything goes well, I might just take the big leap!


I share a little more on here than I normally would because if someone reads this who wants to do something similar themselves, I want to give the full picture.  The doubt, the celebration, and the delays.

Before this week I honestly wouldn’t have been able to even consider going to seriously look at a camper no matter how gorgeous I thought she was.  However, something pretty exciting happened this week that opened up a way.


Those round numbers up there!!  That’s right!  I made the final payment on my car!!  I actually did this a day or two before I even knew the camper existed.  Perfect timing, huh?

This will free me up financially where I can make a payment if needed.  And when my house is fully renovated the money will become available for me to get a truck.  So yes, that means if I’m able to get the camper I’ll have to keep her stationary for a little bit.  This is perfect though because I’ll be able to go through the process of learning the ins and outs of camper life!

I am so excited about all these new developments.  Hopefully they will all work out and my next post will be about the beautiful Airstream I just bought!!

4 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. How exciting! sometimes it will require us to review different options multiple times to get to the final decision like you have done and I think that is just fine as long as you don’t get stuck in the thinking process and never take a single step of action. Good for you and best of luck!! 🙂

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