Home Appraisals and Hockey

This week began with phone calls from the person who did my first house appraisal telling me she needed to come by again because there were pictures she missed.  Ummm.

I contacted my bank instead of the appraiser to find out what monkey business was happening now – one month, two appraisals, and 563 signatures after my original meeting.

The actual 562nd and 563rd signatures scanned.

Turns out the second appraisal was requested because the first did not show any repairs needed and this lady probably heard from some angry bank employees.  So I guess it’s a good thing I told the second guy about the repairs I know are necessary since in all honesty, he wouldn’t have known about half of them himself.  Third appraisal avoided!

People failures aside, the phone call with my loan officer proved to be helpful because I now have my appraisal results which are also being sent to the loan committee for final approval and that means I should be receiving my money shortly!

I’ve been thinking I might go take a look at a camper about 2 1/2 hours away this weekend.  My first time to go on a real trip to see a real camper that I might actually purchase, after years of thinking and wanting and wishing.  This is super exciting!!

Something else that is super exciting…The Bulls.

When I tell someone around here that I’m a hockey fan I usually get, “Hockey?  Where did you grow up?”.  Occasionally I’ll get “something something Gretzky” because he’s the only player they know.  Bless them, at least they’re trying.  And in all fairness Gretzky does kind of hold the official title “Leader of All Hockey – Past, Present and Future” so those people do get bonus points for the name drop.

Back several, several, several hundreds of years ago we had a minor professional league in Birmingham.  This team is where I discovered hockey.  It’s where my love of the sport was first born.  It’s where I learned the difference between a hat trick and high sticking.  I was a season ticket holder for three seasons, went to every home game and quite a few road games as well.  I loved this team.  Then they left.

The franchise was sold and moved in 2001 and I had to learn how to live life without hockey in the deep South where ice only belongs in giant glasses of sweet tea.

But God.

You wanna know how I know God loves me?  Hockey is returning to Birmingham!!  After 16 long years the Birmingham Bulls are back.


Our former captain has returned as our new head coach, which is great.  It looks like most of the team is assembled, which is greater.  And this weekend they will be playing an exhibition game, which is greatest.

I am beyond excited!!  I don’t even care that it’s not a regular season game.  It’s hockey.

Our actual season begins at the end of October with the first home game scheduled for November 3rd.  I don’t have my season tickets yet but hope to get them soon.  6 whole months of home team hockey!!

Let’s Go Bulls!!



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