Narrowing It Down

*Fingers Crossed*  It’s getting close to time for me to make a final decision on a camper so I can get this whole plan started!!

For the most part I’m super excited, but I also still have occasional moments of near panic with varying versions of “I’m not going to be able to afford this.What am I doing? Have I lost my mind? What if I can’t afford this? What if something breaks? What if I pick the wrong camper? I have to cancel this whole thing. This was a crazy idea. I’m nuts.”  

Minor panic attacks aside, I’ve been searching high and low for campers.  I’ve mentioned before that I have figured out my limits on size and type.  As of this morning I have a group of campers saved on a site.

21 saved listings

I had it narrowed down to 21 campers which is reasonable about 94% of my search results.

In other words, it’s possible I’m the world’s worst decision maker.

So I’m about to tell you I’ve narrowed it down even farther.  Side note:  Before starting this post I had three choices and in the process discovered two of my top choices already gone!!  So I’ve chosen two more to make a new top three.

In choosing a camper there were a few things I was looking for.  First, I needed something to accommodate my pets.  I have cats who will be making this transition with me.  After considering the suggestions people make online, I decided my best option would be to convert a bunk area into a cat ‘house’.

Second, this isn’t just a camper.  This will be my home.  I obviously don’t want anything too large, but I also don’t want anything too small and cramped.

Third, I want as much storage as possible.  If you have ever done your own camper search, you know all campers are not made equal.  I’ve become quite the layout snob over the past few weeks!

Before it changes again, here are my top choices starting with:

Choice #3:

This is not the actual camper I have chosen.  At any rate, it’s a 25′ pull behind with bunk beds.  It has a really great bunk area that I have a clever little plan for turning it into a cat area.  It would be perfect!!  Love the white cabinets (most don’t come with those) but I’m not the biggest fan of the red accents.  I also like the curtains that allow the bed to be blocked off.

Choice #2:

5th wheels are my top choice because they are naturally roomier, and I’ve heard from more than one person they’re easier to tow.  On this one I love that giant window in the back over the couch!  It’s only 25′, which you can compare with the 25′ pull behind above concerning the space.  There is a slide out on this unit.  Slide outs make a world of difference on size.

Choice #1:

This is the only one that remained from my original list.  It has all the plusses of the above two units in one!  Bunk beds and lots of that 5th wheel space with a slide out.  This one is 27′.  Of course the fabric is hideous, but I’m hoping that could be dealt with somehow.

So those are my best options right now!  I should probably get on top of this before they get bought like the last ones!  Y’all.  I’m kind of sad about my 1987 Bounder being sold.  Everyone laughed when I showed it to them, but honestly, it was the best thing I’ve ever seen!  I love- loved it.  Someone is a lucky RV-er out there!!

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