Almost, Not Quite, Nearly, Possibly Close to the End

You remember how last week I said everything was done on my end in the process to get this loan?  Yeah.  That was so cute of me.

Because no.

So after the “last” step of the 94 step process they have added three more.  Over the weekend there was one more form to sign.  Ok, done.

Then they needed an updated balance report on another thing.  Ok, done.

Now they’ve decided that the pictures taken of my house to verify it was worth whatever they valued it did their job and apparently didn’t show enough damage for their liking.  They wanted another appraisal done.


I’m so over all of it at this point part of me just wants to cancel the whole thing and wait until the house crumbles around me.


It’s a secured loan.

Now the second, real-er appraisal happened this week and we’re (the bank and I) awaiting the report.  I would say maybe this is the last thing but I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face if I did.

If I had no other motivation to become filthy rich, this would be enough.  Just to avoid this process completely in the future.  Is every loan process this tedious and frustrating?

This appraisal was somewhat stressful because, in this situation, I didn’t know what the point of it was.  Am I hoping for a high or low appraisal?  Do I point out the needed repairs I know about or do I try to speak loudly and smile at him creepily the entire time to distract him?

I didn’t know what to do but in hindsight he was obviously there for a purpose…friend or foe, I can’t be sure yet.   He did measurements and took some pictures.

I decided to be completely honest about any repairs I knew about so when he’d done his tour of the house we sat down and I talked him through the things I’m planning on repairing.  He did listen to my list but didn’t take the first note about any of the four or five things I mentioned.  Admittedly, he also did not even peek in my crawl space or attic area.  He did get up to take one extra picture while we talked.

Next week I’ll get the results so we’ll see.

In more positive news, I found an RV this morning that I absolutely adore.  It’s a 1987 Bounder and I love, love, love, love it.  I have just a smidge above zero information on it, have never seen it in person, and never driven it.  As I’ve mentioned before I don’t know the first thing about anything RV.  All I know is I am in love.


This is not the actual Bounder I’m talking about, I have no clue whose picture this is, but it’s close enough to give you the idea.  (Mine is even cuter!)

The interior of mine (yes, I’m laying claim) is precious!!!  Of course I’d like to update some things, but it’s in excellent condition from what I can see.  Less than 40k miles.  Best part…it fits in my budget!!

Y’all!!  I need everything to be great on this thing because I. must. have. it.


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