Some Things I’m Loving

This is not an affiliate post.

This cork globe from Uncommon Goods:

Because I want to cover it in red pins!!!



This mascara from Amazon:

Beauty products from a non-beauty blogger.  I get it.  But listen, I own this stuff and have used it numerous times.  This is the first mascara I’ve ever said I love!!  Plus, it’s only $7!!



This ceramic jewelery from Skellini’s shop on Etsy:

Love, love, love, love.  Not only because it’s beautiful, but also because I have ridiculous very sensitive skin that prevents me from wearing most regular jewelry.

ceramic jewelry


This barn house I found on Pinterest:

#housegoals for real, y’all!!

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barn house


Pic-less Links:

This inspirational video of Peter Dinklage by Goalcast.  Such a perfect message!


And finally, this quote I found on Pinterest:

georgia okeefe quote


Hope you’re having a lovely week so far!!

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