This is My Week


~ Middle right ~ Is there anyone who hasn’t heard there will be an eclipse this month?  As with most things in my life I hear about it in advance and somehow that time frame never changes in my head until suddenly IT’S A WEEK AWAY!!!  I don’t even have my special glasses yet.  Never fear though, I just ordered a pair today.  Despite my failure to prepare, I am super excited and just realized if things go as planned, I will possibly be watching from the beach!!  This isn’t one of the best locations marked on the map, but I can’t imagine a more perfect place to sit back and enjoy the show.  Excitement2!

~ Bottom middle ~ I got on this homemade soap kick a while ago.  For about a year now all I use is homemade soap.  Not made in my own home, but bars I’ve picked up at farmers’ markets or craft fairs.  I have sensitive skin and this started as my attempt to use something more natural.  Possibly because I live in a college town, I am fortunate enough to have a local shop that sells homemade soaps!  This week I noticed my final bar was getting low so I headed over to buy a new stash.  This time I picked out charcoal lavender which smells great but is also supposed to be moisturizing.  I’m looking forward to trying it out!

Check them out here ⇒ Left Hand Soap Company  They have a large selection of products to choose from. (Not an affiliate link.)

~ Top row ~ I ran across this gem Monday on my return from the beach.  I pay a lot of attention to campers because I’m hoping to purchase a truck and camper soon in order to travel more.  I’ve spent endless hours pouring over camper after camper and truck after truck essentially daydreaming about what I will buy.  I’ve never seen someone add a back porch onto a camper before but whoever it was did a pretty good job, yes?!?  Sliding doors and everything.  Fancy pants!!

~ Bottom right~ I ordered this little set of lenses for my iPhone recently and have been playing around with them a little bit, much to the disappointment muted excitement of Oliver:


Honestly, for $35 bucks I’m quite impressed!!  Four lenses and a little tripod.  Here’s the link if you’re interested ⇒ iPhone Lens (Also not an affiliate link.)

~ Middle left ~ WTForecast is still rocking my weeks on occasion.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you should.  It’s probably not the most detailed of forecast apps, but it’s certainly the most entertaining.

~ Bottom left ~ Currently reading The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold who also wrote The Lovely Bones.  The book begins….“When all is said and done, killing my mother came easily.”  That’s the first sentence.  I haven’t gotten very far but it seems like a fast paced book right now.  I’ve also been reading a book on blogging because, you know, I’m still figuring this stuff out.  Lifestyle Blogging Basics by Laura Demetrious is the title of that one.


~ Hello Fresh Update~ This is the final results of my first week’s Hello Fresh subscription.  I will say, the one I thought I would like most actually turned out to be the one I liked least!  I broadened my horizons with raw(ish) tomatoes and a Mediterranean dish, both of which I thought would be ok at best.  They were both fantastic!!

All in all I’m so glad I decided to try it.  The food was delicious and healthy.  The ingredients were fresh.  I have two gripes.  One is that on Monday I got a phone call from them.  No.  Nonononononono.  Don’t call me.  It felt like a telemarketer.  But I asked the guy not to call again and so far so good.

Second, the drawback to having all 3 meals delivered at once is if life happens as it so often does and you aren’t able to cook the meals in a timely fashion, it will lose its freshness.  I was almost too late on my third meal and now my second box is waiting.

Regardless, I’ll be starting week 2 shortly!

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