How to Rock the Beach Like a Pro


I, personally, never imagined there could be a right and a wrong way to hit the beach.  The sun, sand, and water is already there.  I just need to add me, right?!?  Then I went with a friend of mine and discovered exactly how mistaken I’d been.  Mind blown!  My friend is an absolute rockstar at all things beach related, and I’m no dummy so I quickly started taking notes from her!

Now that I have some experience with it, I sit back and notice all the other people who are like I once was and just don’t know what they don’t know.  I have determined through a very scientific study using my powers of people watching, there are 4 levels of beach rockstar.  I break them down here, and at the bottom is a link to a free PDF checklist I have created for you to use on future beach trips, if you want to rock the beach like the pros!  It’s all on the list, you decide what level rockstar you want to be.


1.  Level One – “Is this Sand?!?!”

High School Garage Band 

When I first started going to the beach I was a solid member of this category.  It’s like your average way-back-when stories of the band from high school.  There’s a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of excitement, a lot of noise, and not a lot of direction.

The High School Banders of the world have never been to the beach before.  They come out and lay a towel on the sand.  They sit there with their legs sticking straight out for a few minutes.  They finally decide it’s safe to stick their toes in the water then spend the next 30 minutes squealing at every wave that comes.  Eventually they make their way back to the towel where they sit straight legged again for another 10 minutes before returning to the room.

I love this group because they are fun to watch!!  The best part of people watching is seeing someone brand new to the beach who still has that child-like excitement.  It’s contagious!

The High School Banders will bring all or some of the items below:

◊  Sunglasses

◊  Beach Towel

◊  Swimsuit

◊  Sunscreen


2.  Level Two – “We have shade now!”

Karaoke Queens

Do you remember on American Idol when Simon would tell a contestant he felt like he’d just watched a karaoke performance?  The person was a decent singer – they could carry a tune – but it fell flat, or maybe they just weren’t quite there yet.  Do you remember those people??

The Karaoke Crew have made a few trips to the beach and have learned a thing or two about what goes on there.  They have seen other people do the beach thing and, like me, they’ve started taking notes.

In addition to the list above, the Karaoke Crew will bring the following items:

◊  Umbrella

◊  Beach chair

◊  Water/Drink

◊  Book/Kindle

◊  Beach bag


3. Level Three – “We’re going to be here for a while.”

Traveling Bar Bands

There are those bands who have put in some work, got some years behind them, earned a fandom of some size, and they’ve taken their act on the road.  These bands have the talent, and are looking for their big break.  They are on the way to the top!

The Bar Banders on the beach are there for the entire day and only have to go back to the room a few times for lunch or some random thing they forgot.  They definitely know their way around and know a few extra things to make life easier.  This group brings all the above plus:

◊  Beach radio

◊  Yeti/Ozark Trail cups to keep the beverages cold

◊  Hair tie (for the ladies)

◊  Big, floppy hat…or a baseball cap…or a visor

◊  A pack of crackers or bag of chips for the munchies


4. Level Four – “We don’t play on beach day.”

Rockstar Stadium Fillers

Now we’re in the big time!  This group has every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed.  They have the instruments tuned, the songs memorized.  The lights, the smoke, the pyro!! They might even have a dance routine to go with it!  This is the show to see!

The Stadium Filler beach group arrive on the beach in the morning and they probably won’t see their condo again until after sunset.  This group knows everything they need to bring down with them in order to make this happen and never be inconvenienced.  Stadium Fillers run the beach like a business.  If you want to be a beach person, these are the people you want to be like.

In addition to everything above, they will bring:

◊  Wagon built to roll easier over sand

◊  Giant cooler with a variety of sweet and salty snacks, sandwiches for lunch

◊  Power bar/charger for phone

◊  Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

◊  Baby Powder (Special Rockstar Tip: This gets sand off that’s stuck to your hands.)


Whatever level you’re operating on, the beach is an equal opportunity vacation destination.  It’s fun for all of us!  If you are loving the beach but want to know how to “do it better”, I made a list to give some ideas of what I bring when I go to the beach.  Take one thing or take them all, it’s up to you!

To get the checklist I created, click here —> positively crystal beach checklist

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