This is My Week


~ Bottom left ~ NEW SHOES!!  Ok so, maybe not the most attractive of shoes, but this is why they rock my world this week.  I live in Alabama where summer temps hit somewhere in the 210 degree range (not exaggerating).  The dress code at my dusty, muddy, hot workplace prevents us from wearing flip flops, which is a staple of my summer wardrobe.  These shoes are my compromise.  See all those lovely little holes in the top?  My feet can breathe!!  I’ve worn them a few times and for less than $20 they are quite comfy.  Plastic, so they’re easy to clean.

Here’s a link if you’re interested…. I want MY world rocked too!

~ Top right ~ I’ve been kind of semi-debating this whole meal delivery program for a little bit now.  Well, this week I finally decided to go ahead and give it a try.  I ordered from Hello Fresh since they were the ones with a message in my email.  I picked three meals from eight options that were offered.

My first box should arrive Wednesday so I’ll keep you updated!

~ Middle bottom ~  Currently reading:  The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  It was all the rage a few years ago.  I happened upon it on Thriftbooks not too long ago and thought I’ve give it a try.  Randy Pausch got a lot of national attention for a final speech he delivered after he’d been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  For some reason I was expecting this book to be a copy of that speech.  It isn’t exactly, but I am still enjoying it.

~ Top left ~ My favorite days are when I can wake up without an alarm clock and kind of laze around in bed for a while.  This is Oliver, my best lazing buddy, and some shots of our Saturday morning cuddle/wrestling match.  He’s the coolest, sweetest little fella.  I love him so.

~ Middle Right ~ Sunday morning I noticed a snail in the aquarium with my betta, Radley.  I think it had to be a passenger on a piece of driftwood I purchased recently.


I did a little research online and decided snails are now unwelcome in the tank with Radley so I removed that one along with 3 others I found during my search.  Because I can sometimes get a little wannabe wildlife research-y I put these guys in an extra tank I happened to have handy instead of disposing of them (as kindly as possible).

All day I’ve been checking the tank to see what snail life is all about.  Not much, truthfully.  Then I spotted this little guy.  It’s the tiniest snail I’ve ever seen!!  I’m so ridiculously excited about this.  I can’t even explain it.

~ Bottom right ~ I threw in a load of towels in the washing machine this afternoon, along with a velour (?) blanket I found tucked back in a drawer.  When the washing cycle was over, this is what I found.  For whatever reason my velour blanket exploded into a million pieces covering the machine and every towel with it.  So. Much. Fun. cleaning that disaster up.

I have a feeling I’ll be finding tiny velour scraps for the next 6 months.  *sigh*

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