This is My Week

~  First off – bottom right – WTForecast…makes the weather report so much more interesting.  If you don’t have it, and you want to be cool like me, you must.  Don’t worry, you can choose the level of profanity.
Also, yes, it has been ridiculously hot around here.  Alabama in summer is just stupid anyway, but this week has been completely disrespectful.  The temperature above doesn’t do it justice.  This week the heat index topped 100 daily.  I’m telling you, disrespectful.
~  A cousin of mine recently graduated high school and is interested in getting into photography.  In an effort to support her dream, I had some pictures taken this week.  Nothing too fancy.  The top picture was my favorite of the entire lot.
~  My iPhone 5 died unexpectedly.  (Or was cracked and gave up when it was dropped for the zillionth time.  Either way.)  I had to order a new phone off Amazon because I’m telling you, this whole “rental” thing the cell companies do now?  No.  And the prices to buy a brand new one?  Even more no.  Certified Refurbished from Amazon is the way I go.
I ordered the iPhone 6.  I love it, except I’m having to exchange the one I received for one from another company.  The receiver volume is messed up on the one that just arrived.  First hand tip: do a little research on the company rating you are buying from.  My first order was a day late on top of the volume issue.  Not.  Happy.
The whole no phone situation was a rude awakening about how dependent I am on a smartphone.  I mean, in the first two hours I was trying to brainstorm what to do so that I would have a phone during the 5 day wait for the new one to arrive.  I was like the Bear Grylls of cell phone survival.
“Ok, my fitbit will tell me when I get a text if I keep the phone close enough.  And I have a laptop so I can still use my apps.  Five days…..I can make it five days.”
Except I couldn’t because at 6 AM the next morning I was at Walmart Supercenter (where I haven’t been in at least a year) getting a $25 android smartphone like some kind of fiend.  For shame!
Truthfully the little temp phone wasn’t half bad!  I’m keeping it just in case this ever happens again.  Like a survivalist food bank….
~  This weekend was birthday celebration palooza.  Friday night was girls night/birthday party #1.  We went to see Girls Trip.  Twice.
~ Saturday = more birthdays!!  My now 5 year old cousin had an ice skating party.  I rocked that like a pro.  (Ignore my proximity to the wall at all times and the “balance arms” in the pictures above.)  I can honestly say I didn’t fall one single time!!
~ Saturday night was party number three.  Another girls night!  This one with a bit of alcohol and a lovely dinner with the girls.  Throw in a few sideways comments and one or two barely avoided arguments in the spirit of being an adult and letting stuff slide, you have a pretty interesting time!
~ Today has been/still is Sunday Funday.  And by “fun” I mean lazing, napping, and reading.  This is fun to me for today at least!  I woke up and about 2 hours later took a nap.
Currently reading You are a Badass by Jen Sincero.
I have managed to do some light housework and laundry (*snore*), so I haven’t hit full vegetative state quite yet.
~ Bottom center is a belated birthday gift from a cousin that I absolutely love, love, love!!
How was your week?  Any fantastic experiences?

2 thoughts on “This is My Week

  1. Umm I love the sign!! What a perfect gift for you!! And the picture of you on the dock will most certainly be my favorite for a very long time. 🙂


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